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  • Toad Lily- Autumn Glow
  • Toad Lily- Autumn Glow

Toad Lily- Autumn Glow

Container Size: 1 Gallon

Impressive variegation is what sets this toad lily apart from older cultivars. Per Tony Avent, it boasts the widest yellow leaf margins of any variegated Tricyrtis he’s grown. Compared side by side with ‘Gilt Edge’, you’ll see that the overall plant size, habit, and flowers are nearly identical, but it is that light edge that really makes ‘Autumn Glow’ truly live up to its name.

Orchid-like, reddish purple to blue violet speckled blossoms appear from late summer into early fall in the north, midsummer in the south. An excellent perennial for adding late season color to the shade garden.

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