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  • Porcelain Berry Vine

Porcelain Berry Vine

Container Size: 1 Gallon

$14.99 each (gallon)

2 or more $12.49 each mix or match

Pick Up (Southern Oregon)

Ships Priority Mail


Porcelain vines are closely related to grapevines, and like grapes, they are grown more for their fruit than their flowers. This deciduous vine features dense, lush foliage from spring until fall. Rapidly growing porcelain vines provide quick cover for arbors and trellises. Also called a porcelain berry vine (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata), the plant produces clusters of interesting berries once in late summer and fall. The berries start out white, but gradually darken to shades of pink, lavender, turquoise, blue, and black as they age. Each cluster may have berries of several different colors. Birds and squirrels relish the berries, but people find them inedible.

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