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  • Spiderwort   - Amethyst
  • Spiderwort   - Amethyst

Spiderwort - Amethyst


This plant is the unsung hero of my flower garden.  It is the first plant with not only signs of life, but flowers when everything else is still thinking about coming out of the cold ground.


Lungwort is a very early spring blooming plant with a somewhat unfortunate common name. So named because the leaves are lung-shaped, lungwort was indeed once used medicinally to treat lung ailments. But today, this plant is known mostly as a perennial landscape flower that will bloom in the early spring before most other flowers.It prefers a shady, moist location but is okay with sun.


  • Perennial
  • Full Sun/Partial Shade
  • Grows 24" - 48" tall
  • Blooms in spring to fall
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