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  • Liatris - Kobold Original

Liatris - Kobold Original

Container Size: 1 Gallon

The Liatris Kobold boasts showy summertime blooms and thrives with a certain degree of neglect, making it an excellent plant for busy or forgetful gardeners. Fluffy, lavender-colored flowers bloom on top of tall spikes while the bottom portion of each stem is evenly covered in thin green foliage. This upright thriller is also known as Liatris spicata, dense blazing star, or prairie gayfeather.


Add height and texture to a garden bed with the Liatris Kobold. This plant is both heat and drought tolerant, allowing it to thrive in somewhat challenging conditions. The showy blooms attract butterflies and other pollinators, but the foliage and flowers are deer-resistant.

Height:Medium 24"-30"

Bloom Time:Mid-Summer to Early Fall

Sun-Shade:Full Sun 


  •  Beneficial for Pollinators
  •  Attracts Butterflies
  •  Good for Cut Flowers
  •  Hot Dry Site Tolerant
  •  Humidity Tolerant
  •  Long-Blooming
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