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  • Lavender - Sensational

Lavender - Sensational

Container Size: 1 Gallon

Touted by breeder Lloyd Traven as the next generation of Phenomenal® and his best Lavender to date. Sensational!® reins in the massive size of its predecessor to a more densely packed habit with shorter stems and larger flowers. It remains a large Lavender at 3' wide and will make a statement in any garden; particularly when planted in mass. This plant is more than just blooms; foliage emerges silver in spring on large, thick leaves. A true three season perennial! From Peace Tree Farms.


The grey-green foliage forms a compact mound topped with plump, rich violet purple flower wands that are perfect for cutting for fresh and dried bouquets. Clusters of tiny flowers appear at the nodes up the stem in addition to the terminal inflorescence, adding color down into the plant.

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