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  • Lavender - Phenomenal
  • Lavender - Phenomenal

Lavender - Phenomenal

Container Size: 1 Gallon

One of the hottest lavenders to hit the market in years and certainly one of Lloyd Traven’s favorite perennials ever! This Peace Tree Farms introduction conquers many of the problems often found in lavenders: it tolerates the extremes of both cold and heat without dying back, is resistant to common root and foliar diseases, and grows superbly in production and landscapes.

This is a very large, hedging lavender that can be used to create a border around the garden and also can be grown as a cut and dried flower for potpourri and culinary uses. It forms a very uniform, dense mound of silvery green foliage topped with tall wands of rich lavender purple flowers which are much darker than ‘Provence’.

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