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  • Fern - Lady Fern (Decidious)
  • Fern - Lady Fern (Decidious)

Fern - Lady Fern (Decidious)

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Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina) is a widely adaptable fern with an extensive native range. Best grown in rich, medium moisture, it tolerates dry soils better than many other ferns. It also tolerates some direct sunlight if the soil is moist. The large, finely textured fronds can reach 3’ in height and retain good color throughout the summer. This fern combines well with Wild Ginger, Solomon’s Seal, and sedges in the shade garden. A setting that is sheltered from wind will help to protect fronds from breaking. Lady Fern spreads by rhizome and forms small colonies, but it is not aggressive and somewhat slow to naturalize. Divide clumps in spring every few years to encourage quicker spread. A good candidate for wooded slopes to help control erosion.

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