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Fern - Western Sword


$14.99 each (gallon)

2 or more $12.49 each mix or match

Pick Up (Southern Oregon)

Ships Priority Mail


One of the most robust and reliable, this hardy native male fern offers superb texture with glossy, leathery, toothed, dark green foliage. Vigorous evergreen clumps are formed by many long fronds; up to four feet long in cool, shady sites. Keeps up appearances even in warm, arid climates, though plants will be more compact.

Polystichum munitum, commonly know as Sword Fern, displays rosettes of dark green, leathery fronds. Leaflets are deeply toothed and the underside of the stems exhibit brown hairs. Deer resistant. Sword Fern is a native plant of the Pacific Northwest.


Height - 4 feet

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