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  • Coreoposis - Sterntaler
  • Coreoposis - Sterntaler

Coreoposis - Sterntaler

Container Size: 1-1/2 Gallon

$14.99 each (gallon)

2 for $24.99 (mix or match)

Pick Up (Southern Oregon)

Ships Priority Mail

  • Too fragile to ship when in bloom


Particularly striking 2-3 in. golden blooms with mahogany brown highlights. The 15-18 in. tall, easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant plants are heavy flowering; waves of showy bloom from May to October. Sterntaler coreopsis is a top performer for borders or pots. 


Coreopsis plants (commonly known as Tickseed), attract butterflies and are deer resistant. Prized for its long bloom period, our native Coreopsis are renowned for their cheerful yellow flowers. From late spring to late summer, you can count on the welcoming yellow blooms of Tickseed. Coreopsis are easily grown and make good cut flowers. These perennial plants prefer well-drained soil in full sun. Remember to keep the plants deadheaded for best flowering. Make sure to leave a few seed heads at the end of the season so the plant will reseed itself.


Height - 16"

Full Sun


Attract Butterflies

Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks)

Easy To Grow

Good For Cut Flowers

Good For Containers

Deer Resistant

Rabbit Resistan

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