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  • Bee Balm  - Jacob Kline (AKA Panaroma Mix)

Bee Balm - Jacob Kline (AKA Panaroma Mix)

Container Size: 1 Gallon

The plants explode with very large frilly red flowers just as summer begins. Monarda Jacob Cline is considered to be the very best red variety on the market. Hummingbirds love them! A carefree strong grower.   When crushed the foliage will release a spicy fragrance and the leaves can be used to make delightful teas.


Easy to grow. Divide spring or fall every 3-4 years. Thinning stems out to increase air circulation will further help prevent powdery mildew, as will keeping plants watered during dry spells. Foliage can be cut back after flowering to encourage fresh new leaves and possible late fall rebloom.


Height - 4-5'

Full Sun - Partial Shade

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