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Mission Statement

We live our motto: “It’s not just business—it’s personal”

We source superior products, and deliver outstanding service and support to our partners as we enhance their business by encouraging and promoting improved retail sales.

Garden Home Products llc

Garden Home Products llc

Trudy & Ernie Carlson

Garden Home Products does what any good group should do as far as service – we put each and every Oregon or Washington gardening retailer on a call cycle and never, ever neglect an account no matter the size of the account or the volume they produce.

We always focus on the best wholesale pricing and our customers make it known how much they appreciate and enjoy seeing Garden Home Products with the frequency they do. Any issues that arise are met with total professionalism. We address issues with the customer in an effort to get an answer as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Ernie and Trudy Carlson of Garden Home Products began representing our company in July 2005.  They have done an excellent job in their first year of representing Tierra.  They have shown enthusiasm for our product line and have demonstrated their strong work ethic in presenting it to their customers.  Ernie and Trudy have many years of knowledge and experience in this industry.  They have a solid base of established and loyal customers, and as a result, we have experienced an appreciable increase in sales in this territory.

Charles Stenftenagel

President, Tierra International


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and American Nettings & Fabric. As you well know, Cisco’s gardening show brought in a huge influx of orders for us (over 600 and counting!) and we are really impressed at the EXTREMELY fast turn around time and receipt of our orders. Being a timely product, if we had to wait two or three weeks to receive  product (as is typical with some vendors) we would have missed out on many sales. Just wanted to say thanks, we are so happy with the service both you and American Nettings & Fabric have provided us!

Julie LaFaver

Territorial Seed Company and Abundant Life Seeds

We sell wholesale gardening products within the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Products are exclusively wholesale to independent retailers

Company Objectives

  •  Continue to be regarded as the best representative firm in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

  •  Represent only those companies that produce premium quality, competitively priced core garden products for today’s consumer

  •  Provide effective tailor-made marketing solutions that explore new supply channels and re-evaluate existing and new distribution relationships

  •  Continue to provide regular service related sales calls and expand product knowledge training and seminars to employees and/or customers

  •  Appraise and continue to re-evaluate distributors and their buying shows and any significant trade or market shows as they relate to our manufacturers and retailers

We have a record of consistent growth and continuing success with our manufacturer’s which contributes to our overall understanding of the constantly evolving garden industry.

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