::Stone Age Creations, LTD::

Stone Age Creations is a manufacturer of hand-carved, natural stone products for any and every garden.  Their wonderful products are now of the Tierra-Derco Int’l line up but are still available through Stone Age Creations direct to independent garden center and gift store retailers throughout the United States and Canada.


All of Stone Age Creations products are by Mother Nature herself and hand-carved using real stone.

Because these products are created out of natural stone they are products that no one else can duplicate using plastic, concrete, plaster, clay or even high end resin.  There’s no comparison.

Because of their uniqueness competitors have tried unsuccessfully to make duplicates which are just that . . .  Inferior duplicates.  Especially noticeable is in Stone Age’s benches which are designed and created to American standards meaning that they are wider and at a more comfortable height and width.