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Why should you carry dog biscuits for your customers?

image002According to the APPA (American Pet Products Assoc):

  1. The pet industry was $55.72 billion in 2013 and it is estimated the that will be at $58.5 billion in 2014.  The largest increase came from treats and food.
  2. 5.7 million households have a dog (yikes!)
  3. There are 83,.3 million dogs kept as family pets in the US,
  4. The average consumer spends $70 per year on treats.cookies for their dog.

image009Pawsitively Gourmet cookies are baked by their own employees and not a contracted baker in their commercial bakery based in Englewood, Colorado. They only use US sourced ingredients and US manufactured. Truly a MADE IN AMERICA product! Each cookie is hand decorated using natural ingredients such as stone-ground whole wheat flour, real sweet potatoes and peanut butter,

They provide customers with outstanding cookies that sell year round with supplemental seasonal and holiday cookies making for an easy impulse sale!