::Ernie Carlson::

Ernie-CarlsonConceived from an ambition to deliver the best, Ernie Carlson co-founded Garden Home Products in 2000 with the objective of bringing unparalleled sales support and quality products to the garden and hardware industries.

Now, with a rich 20-year history in the garden products industry, Ernie gained much from his ten years at Garden Grow/Whitney Farms – where he learned valuable manufacturing and production skills, grew in experience, and developed insight into production, distribution, purchasing, and sales as he managed operations for them. From his experiences there Ernie developed a vision as to how professional relationships could be enhanced and strengthened within the wholesale distribution channel.

This career and personal growth came as Ernie’s responsibilities included: managing a personal sales territory of $1 million, holding product seminars, training staff and merchandisers, supervising a 56 acre production & shipping location, and overseeing their trade show presence at Garden Grow/Whitney Farms.

Prior to his wholesale experiences in this industry Ernie spent 12 years in a retail environment,  as the assistant manager of a variety store. While there Ernie discovered the importance of great customer service, the value of extensive training, the need for deep organization, the necessity of proper management, and the power of good merchandising.

These insights and strengths came as he was entrusted with, and excelled at; purchasing for three retail locations, writing all seasonal ads (holidays and garden), managing of departments, teaching merchandising to employees, directing the re-merchandising of a complete remodel, organizing company purchasing, hiring & firing of personnel, and increasing sales and decreasing dead inventory.

Ernie’s career blend of his familiarity with, knowledge of, and experiences in retail, wholesale, production, and distribution environments have provided him with a unique insight and background which enables him to understand the needs of manufacturers, importers, distributors, sales teams, and store owners alike.

He has developed a supportive, focused team that has successfully represented all interests in the distribution and retailing of garden and related products. Ernie and Garden Home Products deliver unmatched, industry-leading service and marketing support as importer and manufacturer representatives – through an increasing web presence, an email newsletter, a product showroom, sales and product training programs, merchandising plans, and frequent retail store visits. These extraordinary practices among Reps. permit them to provide service that is without equal in the industry.

The efforts and energies Ernie exhibits in his professional life are matched at home in his personal life, as evidenced in his woodworking and carpentry talent in various remodeling projects. He also enjoys his time in the kitchen where he stirs up wonderful desserts, as well as tasty meals. His backyard gas grill seems to be one his favorite places to stand!