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Located in Selma, Oregon

Organic and Unique

We offer mature plants that are either in bloom or getting ready to bloom. Our perennials are started from seed, propagated, or plugs and are grown in compost-rich soil with only natural additives.  No chemicals allowed!  We grow plants that are pollinators and are user friendly and low maintenance.

Your go-to place for prime perennials, a few annuals and lots of vegetable plants. 

Our list of what plants are readily available and coming soon can be found on our catalogue page. We offer perennials, a few annuals, and natural and organic vegetables.   

Our inventory is updated on a regular basis. Make sure to fill out your order form and we will contact you with the details or picking up your plants.  We can also be reached via email: or

Better, cleaner Harvest Ready grown, natural, and organic veggies and flowers that are clearly better for your family's table and well as birds, bees, and other critters around your property.

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We live our motto: “It’s not just business—it’s personal.”

  • We source superior perennials acclimated to our lovely Oregon weather -- my theory is if the plant doesn't survive the winter then I didn't want it.

  • All of our plants are all grown in compost-rich soils with only natural additives such as seaweed, humates, fungi, etc.  No nasty chemicals allowed! We protect our wildlife and pollinators.

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