Trudy & Ernie,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and American Nettings & Fabric. As you well know, Cisco’s gardening show brought in a huge influx of orders for us (over 600 and counting!) and we are really impressed at the EXTREMELY fast turn around time and receipt of our orders. Being a timely product, if we had to wait two or three weeks to receive  product (as is typical with some vendors) we would have missed out on many sales. Just wanted to say thanks, we are so happy with the service both you and American Nettings & Fabric have provided us!

Julie LaFaver

Territorial Seed Company and Abundant Life Seeds

Ernie and Trudy Carlson of Garden Home Products began representing our company in July 2005.  They have done an excellent job in their first year of representing Tierra.  They have shown enthusiasm for our product line and have demonstrated their strong work ethic in presenting it to their customers.  Ernie and Trudy have many years of knowledge and experience in this industry.  They have a solid base of established and loyal customers, and as a result, we have experienced an appreciable increase in sales in this territory.

We are happy with our decision to enlist the talents of the Garden Home Products firm to represent our line.  We look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship and have high expectations of continued growth.

Charles Stenftenagel

President, Tierra International

We have been working with Ernest and Trudy of Garden Home Products for one year.  Since we are a start up company there were no sales of our products in their territory, but they believed in the product and its potential and were out in the field talking up the product even before we could get samples and literature to them.

Over the last year, they have opened many new accounts for us and have performed beyond our expectations.  They have great knowledge of their territory and accounts and are well respected as the lawn and garden specialists they are.

We could not have chosen better sales representatives for the lawn and garden channel in the Pacific Northwest.  I can recommend them enthusiastically.

Jeff Lentsch

VP Sales and Marketing, SuperProtection, Inc.

Trudy and Ernie Carlson have been Lake Valley Seed Company’s representative in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years. From their first year they have grown our business in the very difficult to grow independent nursery and garden center class of trade. The Carlson’s are well respected by their customers and by my associates at Lake Valley Seed. They service their stores well and I can honestly say they are bright and innovative in their approach to doing business.

I would highly recommend them to any business that is seeking to expand or grow in the Pacific Northwest.

Tony Hitchman

General Manager, Lake Valley Seed

Ernie and Trudy have represented Botanical Interests for two seasons now. They came on board after we had fired another group for lack of service, constant phone calls from customers complaining about service and other issues not resolved, no growth in the territory as well as a total lack of communication.  What we found in Garden Home Products was the complete opposite of what we had encountered with our former rep group.

Ernie and Trudy do what any good group should do as far as service – they put each and every account on a call cycle and never, ever neglect an account no matter the size of the account or the volume they produce.  Their service is outstanding and their customers make it known to us how much they appreciate and enjoy seeing the Carlsons with the frequency they do.  Any issues that arise are met with total professionalism.  Ernie and Trudy address issues with the customer and communicate these to us – sometimes from the account – in an effort to get an answer as quickly and thoroughly as possible for the customer.

Ernie and Trudy have grown the territory this past season as they did last season by substantial percentages.  They have weeded out the poor accounts (in the seed business there are just some accounts that should not be sold – our business is based on sell through).  They have risen to challenges from us to open new business and this year alone opened 27+ new accounts.  I should explain that last season Ernie and Trudy were brought on mid-season and were not afforded the opportunity to open many new accounts.  Even so, they serviced the accounts that were turned over to them and rose to the challenge of “mopping up” the mess that had been left behind by our former reps.  They showed a great increase last year over the prior year that was solely made up by their great service.  Again, I should explain that the seed business is driven by service and reorders.  Without great service we have nothing.

Ernie and Trudy are good communicators.  They make us aware of accounts they are pursuing, provide lists of target accounts at the beginning of the season, work closely with our customer service department on all aspects of the order and shipping and provide us with information we request in a very timely fashion.

…we all go through trying to find great reps to fill our needs.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with Garden Home Products.  I know if you hire them to represent you, you too will be writing a similar letter to this down the road to another manufacturer.  They will provide outstanding service, superior communication and excellent growth for your company and line…There are some not too great performers out there – go with a winner!

Peggy Campbell

National Sales Manager, Botanical Interests, Inc.